Because two redheads are better than one.

So here’s the deal.

You just got engaged. You are probably FREAKING OUT because of a few things..

1) You are getting MARRIED! (No big deal, your whole life is just about to change forever)

2) You all of the sudden have to be a wedding planning professional and figure everything out in under a year?!

3) And you don’t know who to trust, where to get started, or how to figure any of this out.

That’s where we step in. 

Listen. We get it. Booking a wedding photographer is NO joke.

You are literally coughing up THOUSANDS of dollars to pay someone to take photos of your big day.

You don’t get second chances with this one. Once the day is over, it’s over!

So, you have to make sure you book the RIGHT person!

Here are a few of our promises:

  1. You aren’t just booking us to take photos, you are booking us to do so much more! WE PROMISE TO BE YOUR PEOPLE.
    -We will fluff your dress all day
    -Cry with you before you walk down the aisle
    -Fix, and re-fix, your veil over and over (and over again)
    -Tell your family to LISTEN UP during family formals (so you don’t have to)
    -Create an entire wedding timeline for you (because WE DO THIS FOR A LIVING and have way more experience than you! This shouldn’t be your job! Let us handle the stress.)

  2. We’re easy to get ahold of!
    Ugh - how frustrating is it when you try to get ahold of someone for what feels like forever? You just paid TONS of money. Trust should be felt! Right?! Don’t worry! You don’t have to wait days/weeks for us to respond to you. We have a close communication line with our clients! Call us, text us, whatever! We will be in contact with you usually within the hour. (If it’s 3AM - give us a few hours to get back to you) ;)

  3. We’re pretty game for anything.
    -You want photos in the pouring rain? Boom, we’re down. You want us to travel to Alaska for your big day? Just tell us when and where.
    You want a photo on top of a mountain in freezing temperatures at 6am? Well why the heck not?! Challenges in this business are what keep us going. We thrive under pressure - just ask Hope’s husband who shot a wedding with her that was 13 hours long, had an 18 person bridal party, and was our highest paid wedding ever - turned out to be her best work yet.


The Szklarski Family

Hey hey! I’m Hope! Thanks for taking the time to read about us!
Yep, you read that right! I married into a super Polish family with a super complicated last name! (My maiden name is Joyner, can you imagine the stress I endured when I had to change last names?!) LOL

Sooo see the cutie in the photo right there?
That’s my dog, Barley. Joe’s cute too I guess. ;)

We live in The Smoky Mountains in Johnson City, Tennessee and couldn’t be happier here! We recently moved here in March from Joplin, MO so that’s why we serve so many people in the Four States Region!

Joe and I met in Joplin, MO where I am from. He was attending school at Ozark Christian College but he is originally from Colorado Springs, CO. So basically he is really attracted to the mountains and I’m super glad to be his sidekick on his adventurous journey.

Our puppy, Barley Rye, is a rescue dog! We found her this September in an animal shelter and never looked back. She is our best friend ever and we can’t imagine life before her now. Seriously - if you are on the fence about adopting a dog, DO IT! It’s the most rewarding thing in the world.

Some of my favorite things in the world are mermaids, glitter, oversized sweaters, spending time with friends, The House of Flynn (omg if you haven’t discovered them yet, YOU’RE WELCOME), Starbucks gift cards, all things Apple Products (team iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Macbook, etc.), and sushi. Also these are totally not listed in any sort of specific order. I could literally eat sushi for DAYS.


Meet Carrie
(+ her bf Drew)

A whole lotta awkward comin’ at ya! If you want to get to know me, I think my Instagram bio says it best: Jesus | Art | Sweet Potato Fries

And this stud muffin is my adventure buddy and partner in crime! Cute guy alert! (Insert New Girl gif)

Drew is a huge smarty pants, and a musician! Basically, he’s cooler than me in every way. But it’s fine. I’m fine.

I’m a Johnson City native with a BFA in Graphic Design, which basically means I spend my free time either admiring mountains or admiring fonts. I also paint, knit, sew, weave, and make handmade books!

Some of my favorite things are making, reading, and binge watching shows like The Office and Parenthood, & I’m addicted to true crime podcasts. (If you know what that means, SSDGM)

I’m an animal lover in every sense of the word! Just ask my three goats, two donkeys, dog and cat :) I’m also an impulse buyer of all things interior design (It’s not hoarding, it’s curating. Look it up)

I’ve had some very interesting jobs — including rock climbing instructor, children’s museum discovery guide, barista, nanny, and dog-walker! As fun as all of those jobs were, I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the HPP team!

Think we’re a good fit?

Time to reach out.