Unapologetically your number one fans from the moment we say hello.

If you’re looking for a photographer, your search is over. You’ve found your girl. Hope is the best. End of story.
— Maddie R.

Meet Hope

Hiiiiiiiiii!!!! <3 <3 <3

Holy COW. I am PUMPED that you are here right now!!!

Welcome to our website!

I am the photographer behind Hope’s Perspective and I could not be more thrilled that you stumbled upon my work!

A few things about me:
-I will dance at your wedding with you UNASHAMEDLY.

-All my couples are automatically my BESTIES FOR THE RESTIE. (Don’t try to be that one couple that’s not - it won’t happen.) ;)

-I drink more La Croix than I do actual water, & I’m 1000% okay with it.

-I am a dog-momma to an attention-craving puppy named Barley Rye.

-My husband is equal parts lumberjack, Bible scholar, barista, bartender, and Sasquatch. I’m not mad about it.

-I will outdrink you in Starbucks seasonal drinks. Try me.

-I married into a super complicated, Polish last name.
Szklarski is pronounced ‘Ska-Lar-Skee’.


Meet Carrie


If you’ve made it this far, that means you actually read Hope’s bio. Hats off to you!

I’m the emotional support behind Hope’s Perspective, as well as the comic relief. If Hope says different, she’s lying ;)

My official job title is Hope’s Assistant/Office Manager, and my duties consist of blogging, graphic design, and puppy scratches. I can’t complain!

A few things about me:

- I’m a big fan of dogs — like, drop everything I’m holding so I can pet that dog on the other side of the park.

-I’m a serial binge watcher, and I’m never NOT watching The Office. 200th time’s the charm, right? (That’s what she said.)

-I’m lactose intolerant and my boyfriend Drew can’t have gluten…needless to say, date nights are a challenge.

-I will not dance at your wedding unashamedly. Unlike Hope, I am not a good dancer. I deserve an award for world’s worst dancer. Don’t challenge me for my title, you will not win.

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